5 Signs You Should QUIT

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New Year, New You! It’s the same mantra we tell ourselves every year but how often do we mean it and how often do we do something about it? Maybe now is the time to take the steps, assess where we are and actively make a change.

Sometimes we feel it’s impossible to find a better job, we could never make the same pay grade or maybe end up in a worse position. Just maybe if we change where we spend the majority of our waking hours the rest could fall into place.

Possible small changes may include moving to a part time position that pays the same (or a little less than we currently make), changing into a field we are passionate about or even a job that is closer to home. These changes could make a positive impact to you and those you love. If such small changes aren’t a possible solution then read on.

Here are 5 signs you should consider your options:

1. No Morning Glory.

Do you wake up in the morning and think about what could go wrong today. Is there a meeting you don’t want to go to? Are there co-workers who you would rather avoid than sit next to for the next 8 hours?

Looking into how you react to your normal week day and working your negative thoughts and how they can be changed is important to see if a relocation is in order.

Be as specific as you can and this could, this may shed some light on if you need to make a larger change.

2. Tired and Uninspired

Day in day out you do the same thing and gain no personal benefit from your work. This is a dangerous situation to be in. Work quality could drop sharply and this will impact opportunities for endorsement from your manager in the future.

If you feel stuck or uninspired it’s probably best to candidly talk with your manager and see how you can add value to the company in other ways. Mix things up and gain new experience until you can move roles or companies. Then start looking.

3. You are an investment.

There is a perception that you work for a company in order to get paid. The truth is a company actually pays you for your expertise. They have invested time, training and your salary to get you to perform a specific task that they believed you were suitable for. They chose you.

Maybe you could be replaced easily but this position is yours the company believed in you. Your experience and ability mattered at the time, but it could be time to open the position to someone who needs it.

Employment is a two way street. If you are not performing seek additional training and support. This will be respected rather than seen as a weakness and could add experience and respect to your resume.

4. “I used to know you but you’ve changed”.

Have you changed weight dramatically? Have you been experiencing feelings of apathy or heightened stress levels at work? If there isn’t anything happening outside of your employment that explains this there is a good chance your work may be impacting your personal life.

Longer work hours or taking work home takes up your personal time and there is no benefit to a job if it doesn’t allow you to enjoy your personal time.

It’s important to maintain a work life balance no matter the opinion of your employer.

5. Your team is as toxic as Fukushima

If your boss leaves you in a state of dread or you hope that you don’t have to interact with your co-workers while at the local coffee shop then there is a problem. If the thought of Friday after work drinks leaves you already feeling hungover from the mental stress it places on you it’s a clear sign this isn’t the team for you.

The above points are signs you should start looking for a place you will be better suited personally and professionally.

If the above scenarios seem familiar it’s probably time for a career seachange.

A great place to start is the jobs listing at LGBTI jobs to seek an employer that actively promotes equality and may be a good match for your next position. Such a small change could see you feel supported and gain new experience. After all, what do you have to lose?

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