Globe Awards Winner 2017


Globe Awards Winner

Australia’s national LGBTI job board dedicated to assisting all graduates and jobseekers connect with organisations actively engaged in LGBTI inclusion initiatives.

We encourage people from all walks of life to apply for the advertised roles. You may not identify as part of the rainbow family but simply want to work in a more inclusive and understanding work culture.

We also would like to recognise there are many beautiful colours to the rainbow (LGBTTQQIAAP+...) but we simply had to shorten it for our logo and ease of use, generally.

Why lgbti jobs ?

LGBTI Jobs was created by a Leadership Team and Advisory Board who are heavily involved in the LGBTI movement. Our unique collaboration of experience and knowledge makes LGBTI Jobs well placed to cater for a community that often faces massive discrimination. We assist job seekers and organisations in a very real and practical way by creating a necessary and effective platform to unite the two.



Connect with the LGBTI community and inform potential candidates about your diversity and inclusion initiatives. Increase the number of applications from people who identify as LGBTI+, or who desire to work in a more inclusive workplace.


Our experienced web development and design team are ready to integrate your brand via microsites and individual case studies to help raise your company profile as a diversity and inclusion employer of choice.


LGBTI Jobs are ready to assist your business in educating employees to ensure a truly inclusive workplace environment and culture. This might be delivering a tailored training program to C-level staff through to factory floor workers.

Job Seekers

Pre-Screened Businesses

All companies advertising on LGBTI Jobs are obliged to pass our LGBTI Inclusivity Compliance Assessment to ensure they have a truly inclusive culture with relevant policies in place to provide a completely safe workplace.

We take this seriously and conduct in-depth discussions with all our advertisers so they can walk us through their processes and we even provide in-house training.


LGBTI Jobs guarantees no bias or spin. We look past the 'pinkwashing' to ensure that every company advertising on our site provides a safe work place for everyone, and that isn’t just about policy; it’s about ensuring a truly inclusive workplace culture.


Inclusivity & compliance assessment

This assessment brings together the findings of our experience helping employers embed LGBTI diversity and inclusion throughout their organisations.

Feedback - Designed to match the opportunities, concerns and issues raised by lesbian, gay and bisexual respondents with appropriate actions on behalf of employers and colleagues.

  • Developed in consultation with Maddocks Lawyers
  • We work with you to provide tailored training to suit your needs
  • Happy to sign non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements


Sessions are designed for 10-15 people – any more may require an additional session.


  • Gender & Sexuality
  • LGBTI Leadership
  • LGBTI Allies
  • Transgender transition in the workplace
  • Workplace behaviour relating to transphobia and homophobia