LGBTIQ – SUPPORT & PROTECTION SERVICES INC. (LGBTIQ S&P Services Inc.) is an independent, not-for-profit (NFP) Incorporated (Inc.) Community Support Organisation that was founded in 2014 and was Incorporated in 2016.

We are a unique organisation as we are not limited to a specific community services sector, therefore, we are in a position to be able to assist the community where it is deemed required and that are in alignment with the capabilities of our team.

We currently have 40 catchments throughout Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales and we are always looking at new areas to grow our organisation further.

We assist other community organisations to provide a suite of confidential and community support services through our Alpha Zulu Program (AZP).

Our clients are people with psychosocial and physical health difficulties and we assist them to better manage the challenges of everyday life in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

We are rapidly expanding our services and programs, as well as partnering with other community organisations to help people within the community and assist people to reach their goals.

Our focus is to provide a personalised, unique and to assist those that are most in need of support, and want to change their own lives.

Our approach utilises the unique perspectives of direct personal life experiences of each of our volunteers; all who have had their own psychological or physical challenges.

Our volunteers are people from all kinds of backgrounds who have overcome challenges and are now equipped to better support and empathise with the needs of the people who we help. Direct experience is powerful and real! it is not learnt from a textbook, and we use these experiences to better support, understand and empower those people we may help.

Through this direct experience, our volunteers are better equipped to empathise, support, aid and empower people who are in a comparable situation.

We have ‘walked in the shoes’ of the people we help, we understand the impacts these challenges can have, and we understand what support is actually required.

Organisation Values: Honesty, Loyalty, Trust, Respect, Courage, Integrity & EQUALITY.

The lived experiences of our members & volunteers means we can offer greater empathy, understanding, advice and a unique personalised service relevant to each client.

We focus on the integrity, passion and commitment of our volunteers to our organisational values whilst delivering a personalised service to our clients, rather than a list of qualifications a volunteer has accumulated on their CV.

We CARE because we have been there ourselves and want to help!


We are currently recruiting for Operation Members & Volunteers, Committee & Leadership Members, Board of Management Members and Advisers, Board of Directors Members.

If you are interested in a position within an NFP Incorporated Community Support Organisation, please email HR at

We look forward to supporting and empowering you to succeed, grow and develop!


Kind regards, 

Human Resources Team

LGBTIQ - Support & Protection Services Inc.

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