Fitted for Work helps women experiencing disadvantage get meaningful work and keep it.

Disadvantage can happen to a woman at any time in her life. Our clients are survivors of domestic violence, single parents, women with disabilities, mature-aged women, young women, and women from culturally and diverse backgrounds. We welcome all and any women experiencing adversity to benefit from our services and we treat them all with respect and empathy.

Our programs and services stem from a belief that when women are fitted for work they are fitted for life. We know that when women have hope, confidence and economic security through work, the flow on effect is transformational, both to their families but also to society as a whole.

Fitted for Work prepares women for work mentally and physically and provide them with practical skills required to take their place in the workforce. Our approach, which involves coaching and mentoring, nurtures women throughout their journey to ensure they feel able to stay in work. We assist them to overcome their present situation and move forward courageously.

We work with a number of referral partners, providing their clients with evidence-based, high quality, responsive, targeted programs.

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