Leadership team

Helping organisations build an inclusive workplace where diversity is recognised and respected.

Zac Murphy-Draper - Lead Consultant

Zac’s life mission is to help create a safer & more inclusive society and he does this through his advocacy for the LGBTIQ+ community.

As Lead Consultant at LGBTI Jobs, Zac partners with organisations who are seeking to strengthen their D&I practices; working with leadership teams to identify strategies which will create a safer and more inclusive work environment for current and prospective LGBTIQ+ employees.

Zac brings with him a wealth of leadership, customer service, public speaking, and business operations experience. Most importantly, Zac is an empathetic and solution-focused individual who understands the complex challenges that businesses can face when making cultural change.

Outside of work, you are most likely to find Zac indulging his passion for wellbeing. Zac is a fitness fanatic who starts every day with a workout. When not sweating it out, he loves to scrummage through op shops, and also enjoys plant-based cooking.

If you’d like to learn more about how Zac can help your company improve diversity and inclusion, please reach out via email.

Pronouns: he, his, him


Simon Ginsberg - Director / Founder

When Simon has time outside of his busy family of four, he is a sports fanatic, taking the opportunity to indulge in every aspect of AFL, cricket and soccer. During many years as a player at the Monash Cricket Club, he was exposed to both good and bad characteristics of Australian sporting club culture.

In 2014 Simon, together with a very strong volunteer committee, founded a supporters group called the Purple Bombers. The group was fundamentally established to assist the Essendon Football Club and the AFL in being leaders of change, focusing on creating a safe environment for LGBTI supporters and players, by encouraging and promoting diversity, and acceptance within the wider football community. As Vice President, Simon was extremely excited when the Purple Bombers were announced as a Coterie group at the beginning of the 2016 AFL season. This is an initiative Simon is very passionate about and it was through this hugely positive, yet challenging and confronting experience, that Simon was inspired to pursue the development of a niche job board for the LGBTI community. The Purple Bombers experience highlighted, through both his personal and working relationships, how far we still have to go to create a truly inclusive and equal working environment for all people.

Having studied and completed his Bachelor of Multimedia/Business Marketing (2008) and prior to that an Advanced Diploma in I.T. (2002), Simon has long had a passion for IT and emerging technologies. LGBTI Jobs is the brain child of Simon's love of the digital age and his strong belief in the need for everyone to feel that they belong in a diverse, inclusive workplace.


Jared Telling - Digital Services Manager

Jared's online experience started back in the days of dialup modems and he hasn't looked back since. During the dotcom boom he was Webmaster for one of the first high profile e-commerce websites theLounge.com.au. In 2001 he moved to London where we worked for one of the UK's leading online digital agencies working with companies such as Disneyland Paris, Dixons, Starbucks, BT (British Telecom) and Marks & Spencer where he eventually became part of the in-house web team working solely on their e-commerce website. In 2004 He then moved to France and setup his own web agency servicing clients locally and also in the UK and Australia.

He's been involved in web based projects of all scales and sizes, with extensive experience in e-commerce, online recruitment, content management systems, online marketing and digital design. He brings his vast web experience to LGBTI JOBS and he's extremely motivated to assist in building an equal working environment.


Nicolas Le Berre - Senior Web Developer

After graduating with a Degree in Business, Nicolas made the switch to Web Development where he found his true calling after completing a 2nd degree in Computer Programming. Specialised in all things dynamic, he is particularly focused on database integration, Javascript and PHP.

Together with Jared he is co-director of a web agency and manages the France office. He comes from a web agency background working on clients of all sizes in Paris and Brittany.

Over the course of the last 15 years Nicolas has been involved in developing bespoke e- commerce web sites, job boards and content management systems. Not only does he bring the technical know how but his marketing and business experience greatly assist in ensuring that web sites not only work but deliver the desired business goals and returns on investment.