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Banking & Financial Services

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Role Title

Release Lead - Operations, Automation and Core Banking - Institutional

Role Overview

The Institutional domain will deliver full end-to-end world class products and services to our global Institutional, Corporate and Commercial customers across Asia. It will incorporate capabilities across areas of Investment Banking, Trading and Sales, Cash Management, Wholesale Lending and Trade Finance and with a single view of a customer to better integrate business and technology in creating a seamless customer experience.The domain will lead digital transformation in areas such as trade and supply chain management to create a seamless customer experience.


Operations, Automation and Core Banking

We enable excellent customer service by providing Operations, Middle Office and Core Banking services to the Institutional and International portfolios. We are passionate about delivering robust, consistent and enhanced product features to radically improve the Institutional, Corporate and Commercial customer and banker experience.


Release Lead converts business initiatives into cross-platform or cross-tribe releases of new technology features or enhancements.


What does a 'day in the life' look like

  • Joint design of release plan with Tribe Performance Lead and Tech Area Architect to ensure alignment of priority and timeframe between business portfolios and technology Domains
  • You will be flexible enough to work across tribes however accountability is within a specific tribe
  • Embed release engineering practices to influence the optmisation and flow of value through the releases
  • Continuous aggregation and communication of backlog and feature progress, dependency progress and major impediments effecting the release
  • Track and resolve impediments for the release
  • Translation of business initiatives into cross-platform or cross-Tribe releases
  • Fit-gap analysis and feasibility assessment across the platforms/Tribes within the domain against the scope/timeframe/value of release
  • Provide input into value assessments and do-ability
  • Lead the coordination and execution of release activities across Squad/s and/or Technology Areas
Current Projects

The list of projects relevant to this role:

  • Machine Learning 3-6 monthly incremental build out of use cases across a wide diversity of deliveries in the Institutional space
  • Ongoing build out of the Business Automation Zone to provide a resilient foundational layer for the Institutional Automation Programme

Role Skills and Responsibilities

What will be in your toolkit
  • Experience working in an agile environment, at scale
  • Demonstrated competency to deliver business outcomes of the various initiatives
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of business needs and technology domain
  • Ability to inform business prioritisation decisions while establishing and maintaining a high level of customer trust and confidence
  • Ability to improve on existing processes to allow for improved delivery by influencing squad engineering practices
  • Be able to apply engineering principles and tools to effectively provision and co-ordinate complex interdependencies
  • Ability to develop and agree value for change initiatives and track value through execution
Specialised Skills
Specialised skills include:
  • Extensive experience in the banking/finance industry working in global teams with Infrastructure / Integration experience a must
  • Demonstrated successful end to end delivery of large scale projects in recent years, across agile and able to articulate advantages and challenges of various Agile methods
  • Experience defining and assessing options and present to director level stakeholders in a coherent and succinct manner.  Ability to escalate and provide clarity on risks and issues and associated impact to the delivery and the customer outcome
  • Display a high level of comfort with ambiguity and ability to plan for failure
  • Proven ability to plan at both a high and detail level, and influence stakeholders and team members to commit to a defined pathway
  • Experience with the ANZ infrastructure patterns and demonstrated capabilities working with and onboarding onto DevOps toolsets / teams

Things in The Squad Member Toolkit

Things that I am (or strive to be)
  • A team player - I know we only win if we all win. I recognise and value the different perspectives and skills my squad mates bring. It is not about being a hero but jumping in and contributing to the successful delivery of our mission
  • The customer’s greatest fan - I demonstrate a thirst for better understanding the customer, defines the problem and develop solutions through their eyes
  • A collaboration champion - I champion collaboration and builds the expertise, capabilities and engagement of team members that are embedded across multiple squads
  • Comfortable being uncomfortable - I am comfortable with uncertainty and have the ability to effectively manage myself through ambiguity by making meaning, building relationships and creating clarity with my peers
  • Continuous improvement junkie - I constructively challenge the status quo, I look for better ways of doing things and passionately advocate continuous improvement
  • Committed to my own and other’s growth - I strive to stretch and grow myself and others by identifying my own development areas, seeking feedback and providing feedback to others to help them learn and grow everyday
  • A Problem Solver - I am energised by tackling complex problems. I use my critical thinking, network, skills, knowledge, and available data to drive better outcomes for our customers and the bank
  • Commercially and Tech curious - I have a wide-angled lens. I am curious about what’s happening in the external market and in emerging trends and innovations (technological and otherwise) and how we use this information to better inform our decisions and actions.
  • Risk savvy - I build sustainable solutions that protect stakeholders and customers and proactively address risks by role-modelling improvements in the bank’s overall risk and control environment

How I approach my growth (Growth Mindset)

  • I believe that my ability can be developed through focussed effort
  • I see my true potential as unknowable
  • I believe in stretch
  • I seek opportunities to test myself
  • I learn from mistakes

How I contribute to the ANZ culture (New Ways of Leading)

  • Be Curious - I create a learning environment by modelling, encouraging and rewarding curiosity and purposeful experimentation
  • Create Shared Clarity - I bring people on the journey, creating a shared understanding of our context, purpose, goals and progress. Even when it’s ambiguous, I create focus and enough certainty to deliver and succeed.
  • Connect with Empathy - I listen to, care about and connect personally with people, striving to put myself in their shoes. I have courageous conversations with empathy, which help everyone move forward.
  • Empower People - I give people the space and confidence to think, decide
  • and act with autonomy, and trust that they can deliver exceptional things with support and encouragement.
  • Grow People Selflessly - I help others to see their potential, grow and be ready for a future that is constantly changing. I challenge myself to do the same.
ANZ Values
  • Integrity – we are honest and fair
  • Collaboration – we work together for the customer
  • Accountability – we take ownership and get things done
  • Respect – we care for all we serve
  • Excellence – we challenge ourselves to be better

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